March 2024


This page is undergoing an "overhaul" as we prepare to receive new titles w/ multiple covers & merchandise left over from previous campaigns!


Cosa Nostra's Comrade #1 is now on Kickstarter for a limited time. Back it now!

End of Man #1 is nearly complete. We expect it to be at the printer within the next 2-3 weeks. I have a fun surprise for all pre orders and Kickstarter backers. Stay tuned!

End of Man #1 - Coming Soon

Deep in the North Texas Hill Country, aspiring astronomer & college student Patricia Bays makes a discovery that threatens to remove our species from the entirety of existence. Part 1 of a limited series(3-4 issues)

Similar to - Venom, The Guyver, Species, The X Files

This book will be printed/releasing after the release of Cosa Nostra's Comrade & before the next kickstarter launches(Roseville #2)

Available Soon!

Roseville #1

Alex Brenner, an environmental engineer & father of three, ventures to the small town of Roseville, Georgia for a temporary work assignment. The moment he arrives in town, Alex gets a feeling that something is very wrong. The locals don't seem to like visitors, his phone can hardly keep a signal & his eyes are playing all sorts of strange tricks on him. To make matters worse, the twisting & treacherous path he now finds himself on, has much more to reveal...

Similar to:

House of 1000 Corpses, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Resident Evil, Silent Hill

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Awful Thoughts Horror Stories

A collection of violent, shocking, off-putting & bizarre stories; all of which take place in modern day suburbia.

Similar to:

Tales From The Crypt & Creepshow

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